Corn Detasseling
End of an Era!

Updated Monday, May 1, 2023

After 40 + years of Detasseling we will not be Detasseling in 2023 or in the years to come. 2022 was our last year to operate Detasseling crews.

Thank you for all years of Detasseling! Thank you for the time and effort that went into the Detasseling seasons: getting the kids to and from the bus pick-up locations everyday, early mornings, cold mornings, hot days, long days, short days, muddy shoes, muddy clothes, packing big lunches, etc..., and all that went in to a successful Detasseling season. Thank You!

It has been a joy working with all the kids and families thoughtout the years. Thank you for all the hours and hard work out in the corn fields thoughtout the years.

We hope that the Detasseling experience was a positive experience for all those that Detasseled with us in the past.

At this time we do not know anyone in the area operating Detasseling crews that we can direct you to.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Andy, Scott, Robert, Johnathon, Jacob, and Joe




Plainwell - Otsego: 

No workers for the 2023 season.


No workers for the 2023 season.


No workers for the 2023 season.


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